Army Cadet D Day 75

This weekend 38 cadets from Sussex joined nearly 2000 cadets from around the UK on a once in a lifetime trip to France.

3 June 2019

The event marks the 75th anniversary of D-Day and aims to give cadets a greater understanding not only of the events that took place on D-Day, but also of the context of the conflict, the equipment and technology used at the time (including fighting equipment and vehicles from land, sea and air as well as radio and artillery kit) and the human impact of this period in history.

The group camped overnight in France before embarking on a vary warm day of battlefield touring.

The tours covered sites at Gold Beach, a main capture site for the British Troops, Longues Batteries where cadets could see the defensive firepower on the French shoreline, Omaha Beach and Pointe Du Hoc.

The cadets that attended found the guided tours of the battlefield to be incredibly informative and captivating, bringing the history of the D-Day events to life.

At Dusk on the last day they took part in a special commemorative parade at Arromanches, where they also watched a short film about the events of D-Day in a 360° cinema, giving the cadets a real sense of the atmosphere of the day.